Why Am I Hearing From A Literary Agency Intern?


By Amy Giuffrida

I have seen many writers on social media and Query Tracker wondering why they are hearing from an intern or assistant, rather than an agent they submitted their manuscript to. The feeling is that the agent never even saw their writing, which is disappointing to them after all of their hard work. I get it. I’ve been on that end and submitted manuscripts to agencies. Now on the other end as an assistant, I can dispel some of the misconceptions.

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Top 5 Reasons I Stop Reading Queries


By Rachel Beck

A few months ago, I was on a panel at a conference in which a moderator read authors’ first pages, and the agents on the panel had to raise their hands when they would stop reading and move on to the next. The writers were in the room. And then we had to say why we would have stopped. It sounds really harsh (and definitely made me feel like a Mean Person), but the writers were very grateful for the honesty and feedback. They took it as a valuable learning experience.  Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons I Stop Reading Queries”

Four Mistakes Writers Make When Querying Literary Agents

By Sabrina Berndt 

As the submissions coordinator for a literary agency, I’ve noticed the majority of authors make at least one mistake in their query letter, most trying to find a clever way to capture the agents’ attention. However, standing out from the crowd is not always a good thing, especially when we provide clear guidelines. A clear query letter gives the impression that you can follow directions and will be easier to work with. Although an author may think their query might get lost in a sea of emails with the same format, the truth is proper submissions are the ones that truly stand out.

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What the Submissions Coordinator Would Like You to Know

Querying can be a tricky and time-consuming process which can understandably become a bit frustrating with each agency having a different policy on how to submit. As the Submissions Coordinator for the agency inbox, I read every single query letter that is submitted to Holloway Literary. Here are a few tips that I would recommend to make your submission stand out. Continue reading “What the Submissions Coordinator Would Like You to Know”