The 3 Essential Questions to Ask When Editing Your MS


By Catherine Matthews

Pencils down, computer off—you’ve officially finished your manuscript. Hooray! Congratulations! Now you’re off to find an agent…except that there’s just one more step you need to take before pursuing representation. You, my friend, have reached the editing stage—and it’s the most crucial point in your writing journey, because without it you may just be dooming all your hard work to remain unread and under-appreciated. If query letters are the promise of brilliant work, then your manuscript needs to follow through on that promise with a story that slays from plot to punctuation. So how do you do it? How do you return to a work that you could quote in your sleep with fresh eyes and a big red pen? Continue reading “The 3 Essential Questions to Ask When Editing Your MS”

The Revision Letter: Why and How to Follow it to a T

By Rachel Beck

When an agent takes the time to write a thoughtful revision letter for your manuscript, it’s a really good thing because it means he or she is interested enough in your story and characters to invest in this. It just means your book isn’t quite there yet, but they’re willing to put in the effort to help you get it there. It means they want you to succeed! But revision letters can contain a lot, and there are often many ways to interpret a change that an agent is asking for. The goal of this post is to help you make sense of revision Continue reading “The Revision Letter: Why and How to Follow it to a T”