When Querying Hurts: Deciphering the Rejection

So you’ve carefully crafted a story that you poured your heart into, pulled hair out over, and lost who knows how many hours of sleep for. You send off a query to a handful of agents and wait. And wait. And wait some more. One day, you hear that fateful ping notifying you of a newly received email and…it’s a pass. Continue reading “When Querying Hurts: Deciphering the Rejection”

Five Questions To Ask Yourself When Writing A Query Letter

Agents are inundated with queries daily, and the whole querying process can be daunting for first-time authors. Manuscripts are rarely better than the corresponding query letters, so if you aren’t agonizing over your query letter, you should be. The letter is your first and only chance to impress the agent, but before you pull out your hair writing and rewriting your pitch, remember to nail a few basics. Don’t give the agent an easy reason to say no. Continue reading “Five Questions To Ask Yourself When Writing A Query Letter”