Importance of an Author’s Online Presence 


By Sabrina Berndt

As the submission coordinator, I find numerous queries each week that state they have no social media, no website, or online presence whatsoever. This may be fine on a day-to-day basis, but it’s extremely important to have some sort of online following when searching for an agent or other publishing partnership. I do not think some people realize the impact an online presence can have for a debut author, so I listed a few of the benefits below. Continue reading “Importance of an Author’s Online Presence “

Getting over your Author Platform Jitters

Many authors, especially new authors, are nervous about building their author platform. Whether your nerves come from shyness or the size of this gargantuan task, there’s no denying that your author platform is vital to your success as a published author.

Let’s look at it this way. You’ve dreamed of becoming a published author for years now, but why? Let’s face it; it’s not for the money. If you wanted to see your book bound and on a shelf you could have had the pages bound in hardcover for a lot less trouble than all of the work that goes into finding an agent, editing, working with an editor, editing again and then finally getting your book published. You want to be published on a larger scale so that your message can be heard. Building your author platform helps you to ensure that your story connects with readers the way you always dreamed it would. Continue reading “Getting over your Author Platform Jitters”