Fashion Dolls, Nancy Drew, and the Bee’s Knees  

                                                  By Katie Oliver

Three is a magic number. 

Take writing. There are always ‘threes’ in stories – three wishes, three spirits, three little pigs – because a series of three works to (1) grab interest, (2) ratchet up suspense when things start going wrong and (3) deliver a satisfying finale. Consider Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. If Marley’s ghost hadn’t first shown Scrooge his past and present, would his bleak and frightening vision of the future have made such an impact? Probably not. Credit the ‘magic of three’ for helping to power Scrooge’s dramatic change of heart. 

So when I was asked to write about three of my favorite non-writing things, I was on it. (Of course, I managed to sneak in a writing reference. I couldn’t resist.) I thought about three things I like, and I realized all three relate back to my childhood. (I guess I never really grew up.) Continue reading “Fashion Dolls, Nancy Drew, and the Bee’s Knees  “

An Interview with… Katie Oliver


Katie Oliver is the best selling author of the romantic comedy, Prada & Prejudice, the first book in her Dating Mr. Darcy series. She has also written another three book series Marrying Mr. Darcy. Her most recent series, Jane Austen Factor, is being released this year What Would Lizzie Bennet Do? was released in January, Trouble with Emma was released in February, and Who Needs Mr Willoughby? will be released on March 24. Continue reading “An Interview with… Katie Oliver”