Why Am I Hearing From A Literary Agency Intern?


By Amy Giuffrida

I have seen many writers on social media and Query Tracker wondering why they are hearing from an intern or assistant, rather than an agent they submitted their manuscript to. The feeling is that the agent never even saw their writing, which is disappointing to them after all of their hard work. I get it. I’ve been on that end and submitted manuscripts to agencies. Now on the other end as an assistant, I can dispel some of the misconceptions.

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Crafting Strong Characters

By Kerstin Wolf

Pacing, plot, and voice all play a massive role in creating an unforgettable novel. Just as important as all of that though are the characters. If anything, I would argue that strong, relatable characters are the single most important part of a novel. Without interesting characters that readers can relate to, the book is forgettable. Think of your favorite book. While you may love the book for a number of reasons, I would bet that you really liked at least one of the characters. Heck, I plan on naming one of my future kids after a character in my favorite book of all time! Characters are important, and one of the things I’ve noticed a lot as of late while reading manuscripts is that the characters aren’t able to hold their own. The whole story suffers if the characters aren’t strong enough. For that reason, this blog post has come to be! In this article, I hope to address some of the key aspects to a great character. Continue reading “Crafting Strong Characters”

Plotter Or Pantser: Which Are You?

There are some big questions in life that all writers must address:


Commit to a daily word count or take it chapter by chapter? Scrivner or Word? Write at home or go to Starbucks? Write every day or write only when you’re inspired? Wake up early to write or be a night owl and write? Write only after coffee or write after a few glasses of wine? …

But the biggest question all writers face? Should you plot… or not plot?  In other words…

Should you Pants or Plot?


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