Hauntings, History and Headway – Notes on Writing the Paranormal, Historical and Queer

Jerico Lenk, author of YA paranormal The Missing and absolutely terrible blogger, crawls out from the landslide of end-of-semester papers and thesis projects and graduate applications to offer some insight on writing paranormal fiction, historical fiction, and queer representation at large.

Paranormal Fiction

Write what scares you.

Scaring yourself is a must – whether it’s literally, with ghosts and hauntings, or figuratively, like the most monstrous parts of human nature. Shock yourself. Make yourself uncomfortable. If you succeed with that, you’ll probably succeed in scaring the reader, too.

Like – dolls. Continue reading “Hauntings, History and Headway – Notes on Writing the Paranormal, Historical and Queer”

The Zen Of Walt Whitman

I always delight in asking people what they think of poetry, often finding the responses in polarized spectrums. “I adore poetry, it’s everything that is right with the world!,” some may say. “Poetry’s weird,” others may proclaim. I tend to fall into the latter category, often baffled by the underlying meanings and symbols thrown into each line a poet creates. I find poems hard to read, hard to write, and difficult to relate to. But this weekend, the writer in me begged to become more acquainted with the practice of poetry and the wonderful people who create it.  Continue reading “The Zen Of Walt Whitman”