Natalie Charles on Writing, Publishing and Projects


Natalie is the award winning author of six romantic suspense and contemporary romance novels. Her latest book Seeking Mr. Wrong is scheduled to be released on February 17, 2017.

Where are you from originally? 

I’m from the Hartford region of Connecticut. I grew up in a middle-class town, the oldest of four children in a single-income household. My parents struggled. As a teenager I was acutely aware that some of my friends were vacationing in Greece while I’d never even been to Canada. They were shopping at stores I’d never heard of. (The GAP? What’s that?) The characters in my books reflect this experience: They are often a little bit off, a touch gauche, and slightly uncomfortable with wealth. Their clothes never fit quite right, or they can’t quite figure out how to carry a conversation with certain people. I can relate to that awkwardness. Continue reading “Natalie Charles on Writing, Publishing and Projects”

The Difference Between Horror and Thriller

Have you seen the new series The Following from Fox?


I saw it previewed on Hulu and thought, I’m game, as I’ve always been down for some Kevin Bacon.

That night my husband was working late and so I cozied up on the couch with some M&Ms after I put the kids to bed and decided to see if this show was really worth my time.

After watching the first episode I was hooked to this twisted, creepy, freaky little, awesome show, but in addition to being hooked I also vowed not to watch it by myself at night ever again. I like to have pleasant dreams not filled with men in Edgar Allen Poe masks chasing me with knives.

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