Six Tips For Creating The Perfect Book Title


By Ryan Byrnes

Very often, a literary agent reads a great query that meet all the requirements – marketability, high quality of writing, an author with a following – and then the agent arrives at the manuscript’s title and goes, huh? This “huh?” can be boiled down to a few main functions in a title that we sometimes forget to consider. Continue reading “Six Tips For Creating The Perfect Book Title”

Finding Your Writing Focus

When my younger brother was little our family went out to a new restaurant in town. My Dad was tasked with reading my little brother the menu and showing him his choices. As Dad slowly made his way through the ridiculously long list of choices, he pointed to each word as he read it. It was actually something of a Kodak moment. Until halfway through the menu, my brother glanced out the window. “Look, Dad! A butterfly!”

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