Thank you for your interest in submitting your manuscript to Holloway Literary.

Learn more about our team on our Literary Agents page. Determine which agent is the best fit for your work and follow their directions for submissions. Only submit your work to agents who have your genre listed on their page.

All queries should include:

  1. Subject header – A correctly formatted subject header: Agent’s Name/Title of Your Manuscript/Genre is required for the fastest sorting and distribution of queries.
  2. Salutation – Select the best agent for your work, spell their name correctly. Dear Jane, Ms. Smith, etc. is perfect.
  3. Word count – Provide the word count for your story. Please note: your word count must be in the acceptable range for your genre. Query Tip: If you don’t know the word count range for your genre, you’re probably not ready for querying.
  4. Genre – Please list the genre that accurately describes your manuscript. Query Tip: If you’re unsure of your manuscript’s genre or believe two or three genres best describes your work you’re probably not ready for querying.
  5. Author’s Bio – End your query with a brief bio that tells us who you are, where you’re from, anything interesting or of note, and any previously published credits. Do not include self-published titles unless you’ve sold a substantial number of books. Please do include all social media links. Query Tip: Focus on the positive. Tell us what you are, instead of what you’re not.
  6. Requested Pages – We request the first 15 pages of your manuscript pasted into the body of the email beginning with the heading chapter one. Query Tip: Do not provide title pages, acknowledgements, cast of characters, etc.

You can expect a response to your query in about 8 weeks. If you feel that more than one agent at Holloway would be interested in your work, please only submit to one agent at a time. Once you receive a response from the first agent you queried, then you may submit to another agent. Any queries sent to more than one agent at the same time will be deleted.

Here is additional advice from our blog about writing and submitting your queries:

If an agent is interested in your work, we will respond with a request for more material. Here are some of our blog posts about the next steps:

Questions about your query should only be emailed to the attention of our Submissions Coordinator at for the fastest response. Queries sent to any other email address including our agents personal email address will be deleted unread. And queries will not be discussed over the phone unless we’ve scheduled a call with you.

Failure to follow our submission guidelines may result in your query being deleted without review. So please follow our instructions. If you have questions about the process email our Submissions Coordinator for clarification.

Thank you for thinking of Holloway Literary. Good luck!