Query Checklist

We’ve created a super-simple checklist that you can use when creating a query for Holloway Literary agents. Review our submissions guidelines first and read our blogs on querying. You’ll see terms like genre, word count and comp titles (among others) that you may or may not be familiar with, so make sure you research these and other important elements of a query – there are tons of resources on the Internet – before you begin using our checklist.  But once you’ve done your research and have the answers you need, grab your pen and check off each item on our list once you’ve incorporated them into your  query.

#QueryTip – If you don’t have the answer for one of our items on the checklist, that probably means you’re not ready to query.

Once you’re done, hit the send button. And congratulate yourself on sending a well-crafted query!

Download our printable #AmQuerying Checklist now!