Michael Caligaris


Michael Caligaris has been working in publishing since 2013. After earning an MFA in Creative Writing from St. Mary’s College, he then co-founded a Bay Area literary magazine, The East Bay Review, and worked for the world’s largest academic science journal, PLOS ONE. He considers the time he taught creative writing to first-generation college students as a turning point in his career, for they inspired him to further seek out those often-overlooked authors writing about family, struggle, class and race. As an agent for Holloway Literary, Michael strives to find emerging authors with strong voice and vision, and he promises to tirelessly campaign for their exposure.

Michael Tweets at @mikecali31.


Michael is interested in representing both fiction and nonfiction. He appreciates voice-driven narratives, especially if first-person retrospection is utilized. He is drawn to a good bildungsroman; allegorical works; social criticism; period dramas; satirical near-futures; antiheroes; stories that deal with the bereavement process; works that highlight voices of color or the underrepresented.

  • Literary Fiction
  • Autobiographical fiction, i.e., So Long, See You Tomorrow; A River Runs Through It; Sylvia
  • Short story collections or connected stories as a novel, i.e., Jennifer Egan, Elizabeth Strout, Junot Diaz
  • LGBTQ lit
  • Novels that are set in the Midwest or could be considered Americana
  • Crime Fiction
  • Mystery/Noir, i.e., Walter Mosley, Kate Atkinson, Lou Berney
  • Dystopian fiction
  • Civil unrest/political uprising/ war novels
  • Memoir
  • New Journalism and/or long-form journalism
  • Essay collections on art, race, mental health, music, etc.
  • Satirical/humor writing
  • Environmental writing


Email a brief query and the first 15 pages of your manuscript pasted in the body of your email to submissions@hollowayliteraryagency.com In the email subject header, write: Michael/Title/Genre. You can expect a response in 8 to 12 weeks.

If you feel that more than one agent at Holloway would be interested in your work, please only send to one agent at a time. Once you receive a response from the first agent you queried, then you may submit to another agent. Any queries sent to more than one agent at the same time will be deleted.

If Michael is interested, he’ll respond with a request for more material. Due to the number of emails we receive, Michael will only respond if he’s interested.