Literary Agents

Click on each agent’s link to find detailed information about what they are looking for in manuscript submissions.

  • Nikki Terpilowski – Contemporary romance, cozy mysteries, female-driven thrillers involving government conspiracies, intelligence agencies and or science fiction based- technology,  southern fiction that deals with political, sexual and racial themes and political/military thrillers, literary fiction (race, women, military, southern, wine, Civil War, New Orleans)
  • Rachel Beck – Contemporary romance, women’s fiction, psychological character-driven thrillers/suspense,young adult and southern fiction
  • Michael Caligaris – Literary, autobiographical fiction, LGBTQ lit, crime, mystery, noir, dystopian and memoir

You may only query one agent at a time. Multiple queries will be deleted unread. Please note: we do not represent novellas however we are selectively reviewing screenplays.