10 Things Every Writer Should Be Doing

By Rachel Beck They say you're a writer if you write. But anyone chasing a book deal, who has put words on the page, enough to meet a goal word count, may constantly doubt those words are worth anything. Going from a writer to an author is the goal of anyone submitting their work to … Continue reading 10 Things Every Writer Should Be Doing

How to Motivate and Help Other Writers

By Sabrina Berndt Although I am not a writer myself, I have plenty of friends and family members who do consider themselves writers. Sometimes they fall into a slump and don't know how to get past their writer's block. This is completely natural, but people tend to believe there's nothing they can do to help. Today … Continue reading How to Motivate and Help Other Writers

Add a Sense of Time to Your Manuscript – An Agent’s Perspective

Time in writing is important. I know this is not groundbreaking news, but I think it should be said often and with passion. Time informs everything within a story. Is it noon? Are we going fast or slow? What century are we in? Decade? Season? Day? You’d be surprised how often the amateur writing forgets … Continue reading Add a Sense of Time to Your Manuscript – An Agent’s Perspective

Why Writers Should Use Libraries

By Katelyn Uplinger Libraries are a great and often under-utilized tool for writers. While library books provide research help, libraries offer more services than checking out books. Online databases can be gold mines of information and you can get access to them with your library card. Some libraries even have writing groups or offer writing … Continue reading Why Writers Should Use Libraries

Crafting Strong Characters

By Kerstin Wolf Pacing, plot, and voice all play a massive role in creating an unforgettable novel. Just as important as all of that though are the characters. If anything, I would argue that strong, relatable characters are the single most important part of a novel. Without interesting characters that readers can relate to, the … Continue reading Crafting Strong Characters

Crafting Villains

If you’re crafting a story, you’re creating conflict for your characters. Without this conflict stories turn into journal entries, the boring stuff most people don’t even bother posting on social media. Conflict creates worry, which keeps the reader turning pages into the wee hours of the morning. It makes them ask, will the hero live, … Continue reading Crafting Villains