What Happens at an Editor/Agent Lunch?

By Rachel Beck I think it’s safe to say that networking is a word that evokes fear and panic in a good number of people, coupled with the immediate desire to run away fast. This is potentially because networking is something that can be falsely associated with schmoozing, acting smarmy or showing fake interest in … Continue reading What Happens at an Editor/Agent Lunch?

Tips and Tricks for a Busy Writer

By Rachel Beck We’re all busy, right? If you say you’re not, I don’t believe you. Everyone knows that pursuing a creative career, passion or hobby requires sacrifices. And time is the #1 sacrifice. Time with loved ones, time making money at a day job, time watching TV or sleeping or reading. Luckily, there’s a … Continue reading Tips and Tricks for a Busy Writer

Rachel Beck’s Manuscript Wish List

By Rachel Beck Holloway Literary’s motto is We love a good story! And I think this sums up, in a very broad way, what all agents are looking to represent: a good story. I thought it might be useful to sum up in more detail what I’m looking for right now—what I’d love to see … Continue reading Rachel Beck’s Manuscript Wish List

The Revision Letter: Why and How to Follow it to a T

By Rachel Beck When an agent takes the time to write a thoughtful revision letter for your manuscript, it's a really good thing because it means he or she is interested enough in your story and characters to invest in this. It just means your book isn't quite there yet, but they're willing to put … Continue reading The Revision Letter: Why and How to Follow it to a T

An Interview With… Rachel Beck

This week we're chatting with literary agent, Rachel Beck. And we're talking career change, submission wish lists and advice to writers. What drew you to agenting? The fact that you get to be an author’s advocate, guide their career and help their dreams of publication come true. That you get to work intimately with authors … Continue reading An Interview With… Rachel Beck