Three Ways To Properly Use Secondary Characters In Your Novel

By Rachel Beck Ever read a book that felt like it was taken over by the secondary characters? Where the main characters couldn’t get a word in edgewise or accomplish anything due to being overshadowed by other characters who think they’re running the show?  Writers are often heavily influenced by their characters. While some writers … Continue reading Three Ways To Properly Use Secondary Characters In Your Novel

Four Tips for Crafting Credible Characters

By Catherine Matthews How well do you know your main characters? Since you’re the author and creator of this colorful cast, that may seem like a trick question, but…spoiler alert! It’s not. The key to creating a story that readers can love is to give them realistic characters they can care about. So let’s go … Continue reading Four Tips for Crafting Credible Characters

Crafting Strong Characters

By Kerstin Wolf Pacing, plot, and voice all play a massive role in creating an unforgettable novel. Just as important as all of that though are the characters. If anything, I would argue that strong, relatable characters are the single most important part of a novel. Without interesting characters that readers can relate to, the … Continue reading Crafting Strong Characters

Crafting Villains

If you’re crafting a story, you’re creating conflict for your characters. Without this conflict stories turn into journal entries, the boring stuff most people don’t even bother posting on social media. Conflict creates worry, which keeps the reader turning pages into the wee hours of the morning. It makes them ask, will the hero live, … Continue reading Crafting Villains