Book Development

Holloway Literary offers book packaging services under our book development division.

We follow the market and conceptualize works of fiction and non-fiction, including series for authors, creatives, influencers, brands and publishers. In close consultation with our clients, we then develop the book proposal, match it with the best creative team, which may include one writer, a team of writers, photographers, stylists, recipe developers, etc. and then represent the proposal to a strategic list of major publishers.

While we may produce books on a variety of subjects and themes, we have a particular interest in creating diverse fiction that is relatable to and enjoyed by all, southern fiction and non-fiction that is evocative of the best of southern culture, history and lifestyle, wholesome, family-driven fiction, non-fiction that explores the best options for living the best life, and high-concept ideas that easily adapt to film and television.


Please note, we do not accept unsolicited creative materials for film and/or television projects. Nor is this the correct form to query our agents for representation.


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