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How to Read Like a Writer in Four Steps


By  Catherine Matthews

To be a better writer, you must be a great reader. We’ve all heard that before, but what does it really mean? Just like the old adage ‘write what you want to read’, ‘read what you want to write’ is a deceptively simple phrase. No, it doesn’t mean copy-catting someone else’s style, tone, or premise—any more than it means that reading bestsellers will magically turn your manuscript into one…But there are some steps you can take to become a better writer, and it all starts with cozying up to your favorite books as Autumn rolls in…

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When to Submit Your NaNoWriMo Novel


By Amy Giuffrida

November is quietly creeping up on us, which means very soon writers will join the fray of writing a novel in just one month. NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is an online forum that encourages writers to write a 50k novel in just 30 days. Bringing with it opportunity to connect with other writers, NaNoWriMo also rewards participants for their hard work. On November 30th, when all writing is finished and recorded, writers need to decide what’s next. Continue reading “When to Submit Your NaNoWriMo Novel”

Four Questions to Ask BEFORE You Pitch


By Catherine Matthews

You’ve written, you’ve re-written, you’ve edited. You’ve rested, you’ve read, and now you’re ready to hit send. You’ve finished your manuscript, and you’re preparing for the pitch—which is awesome! Now pause, because whether you’re writing a query or pitching in person at a conference, you’re going to need to ask yourself (and your manuscript) the following questions: Continue reading “Four Questions to Ask BEFORE You Pitch”

12 Words You’ll Hear An Agent Or Editor Use (And What They Mean)


By Rachel Beck

Every industry has its insider lingo and jargon–words or phrases that mean diddly squat to the lay person who does not work in that field. In the medical field, the world of computer engineering, and even in the kitchens of restaurants, there is industry-specific shorthand that is contained to those who work in the business. The publishing industry is no different. Continue reading “12 Words You’ll Hear An Agent Or Editor Use (And What They Mean)”