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Four Questions to Ask BEFORE You Pitch


By Catherine Matthews

You’ve written, you’ve re-written, you’ve edited. You’ve rested, you’ve read, and now you’re ready to hit send. You’ve finished your manuscript, and you’re preparing for the pitch—which is awesome! Now pause, because whether you’re writing a query or pitching in person at a conference, you’re going to need to ask yourself (and your manuscript) the following questions: Continue reading “Four Questions to Ask BEFORE You Pitch”

12 Words You’ll Hear An Agent Or Editor Use (And What They Mean)


By Rachel Beck

Every industry has its insider lingo and jargon–words or phrases that mean diddly squat to the lay person who does not work in that field. In the medical field, the world of computer engineering, and even in the kitchens of restaurants, there is industry-specific shorthand that is contained to those who work in the business. The publishing industry is no different. Continue reading “12 Words You’ll Hear An Agent Or Editor Use (And What They Mean)”

Three Mistakes Writers Make In Their First Chapter


By Amy Giuffrida

Agents and  editors receive countless submissions on a daily basis and need to make hard decisions about whether or not to move forward with a manuscript. While you may have an amazing concept, sometimes the revisions necessary to ready a story for pitching are too deep and extensive. There are three big mistakes writers make: info dumping, telling, and including extraneous information. Although these can be found throughout an entire piece, each are fixable errors if you know what to look for. Continue reading “Three Mistakes Writers Make In Their First Chapter”

Are Writing Contests Worth the Effort?


By Sabrina Berndt

I know some authors, mostly those without publishing credits, wonder if it’s worth the effort, time, and money to submit their work to various writing contests. They see their author friends submitting their work and earning cash prizes or publishing contracts, but may be wary about copyright issues or about the cost. Other writers, who may be writing contest veterans, may feel discouraged about their writing if their submissions constantly come back with rejections attached. If you’re one of these cautious authors, no worries. I’ll give you a few benefits and drawbacks and let you make your own decision.

Continue reading “Are Writing Contests Worth the Effort?”