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Importance of an Author’s Online Presence 


By Sabrina Berndt

As the submission coordinator, I find numerous queries each week that state they have no social media, no website, or online presence whatsoever. This may be fine on a day-to-day basis, but it’s extremely important to have some sort of online following when searching for an agent or other publishing partnership. I do not think some people realize the impact an online presence can have for a debut author, so I listed a few of the benefits below. Continue reading “Importance of an Author’s Online Presence “

The 3 Essential Questions to Ask When Editing Your MS


By Catherine Matthews

Pencils down, computer off—you’ve officially finished your manuscript. Hooray! Congratulations! Now you’re off to find an agent…except that there’s just one more step you need to take before pursuing representation. You, my friend, have reached the editing stage—and it’s the most crucial point in your writing journey, because without it you may just be dooming all your hard work to remain unread and under-appreciated. If query letters are the promise of brilliant work, then your manuscript needs to follow through on that promise with a story that slays from plot to punctuation. So how do you do it? How do you return to a work that you could quote in your sleep with fresh eyes and a big red pen? Continue reading “The 3 Essential Questions to Ask When Editing Your MS”

How to Write Dialogue that Shines


By Rachel Beck

Dialogue is one of the main building blocks of writing. It’s part of the foundation, one of the “tools” that’s essential for building your “house,” or book. Without it, you don’t have much of a story, and it would collapse, as would a house without all the vital parts of its foundation. Dialogue is how your characters interact with each other, how you move the scenes and chapters forward and reveal information to the reader. If done well, it also brings the characters to life off the page, giving them color and attitude with certain phrases or word choices or dialect or accents–the ways you can humanize your characters through dialogue are endless, so it’s really an amazing tool at writers’ disposal, and one that’s key for showing rather than telling as well. Continue reading “How to Write Dialogue that Shines”

How to Prevent Over-Reading


By Sabrina Berndt

Although we are all book lovers, it’s easy to get burned out on reading, especially if you are forced to constantly read literature for classes that don’t compare to your to-be-read list. As a student, it’s hard for me to stay caught up on reading for classes and my job, while also reading for fun. It’s a challenge to stay interested and motivated, but I’ve found some tips to prevent over-reading that might help you if you are in a similar situation. Continue reading “How to Prevent Over-Reading”