Why Am I Hearing From A Literary Agency Intern?


By Amy Giuffrida

I have seen many writers on social media and Query Tracker wondering why they are hearing from an intern or assistant, rather than an agent they submitted their manuscript to. The feeling is that the agent never even saw their writing, which is disappointing to them after all of their hard work. I get it. I’ve been on that end and submitted manuscripts to agencies. Now on the other end as an assistant, I can dispel some of the misconceptions.

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Three Steps to Take When You’ve Lost Your Voice


By Catherine Matthews

You’ve heard it before: ‘write what you want to read.’ It’s good advice…after all, you love to read. You love to write. That’s why you’re working so hard to become a published author, right? And yet there comes a point when what you want to read no longer sounds like what you’re writing. What’s missing, you wonder, and then you realize—it’s your voice. Every writer gets to the point where every page feels as dry as the last. The key to being an excellent writer isn’t never losing your voice—it’s knowing how to recover it, and letting that process of recovery become the fuel for an even bigger, brighter, bolder uniqueness. 

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Top 5 Reasons I Stop Reading Queries


By Rachel Beck

A few months ago, I was on a panel at a conference in which a moderator read authors’ first pages, and the agents on the panel had to raise their hands when they would stop reading and move on to the next. The writers were in the room. And then we had to say why we would have stopped. It sounds really harsh (and definitely made me feel like a Mean Person), but the writers were very grateful for the honesty and feedback. They took it as a valuable learning experience.  Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons I Stop Reading Queries”

Importance of an Author’s Online Presence 


By Sabrina Berndt

As the submission coordinator, I find numerous queries each week that state they have no social media, no website, or online presence whatsoever. This may be fine on a day-to-day basis, but it’s extremely important to have some sort of online following when searching for an agent or other publishing partnership. I do not think some people realize the impact an online presence can have for a debut author, so I listed a few of the benefits below. Continue reading “Importance of an Author’s Online Presence “