Creating Your Writing Space

In my last post about finding your writing focus, I mentioned creating a space reserved exclusively for you and your writing goals. Everyone who wants their own writing space will create something as unique as they are, but if you’re not sure where to start here are a few things to consider.


On the most basic level you know if you’re more comfortable indoors than out, alone than in a crowded coffee shop, or with a cozy nook desk than a vast workspace. Find a space where you feel at ease and the battle is halfway over.


(Jane Austen’s Writing Space)


Once you’ve found your comfortable space, claim it as a writing only place. Nail a “No Distractions Allowed” sign on the door and clear it of clutter. Your life outside of writing can be a major hindrance to your focus, so it’s best to keep the reminders of your daily life, such as cell phones and bills, out of your space.


So now you have a comfortable, relatively empty space to focus on your writing goals. Here comes the fun part. Pour any inspiration you can into the place. If you’re like me and you draw inspiration from pictures and other art, line the walls with what reminds you of your story and where you want it to go. If you prefer audio, set up a speaker and create playlists to get into the mind of the character you’re writing. Or you can print off some quotes that inspire dialogue or scenes of your story. Basically, fill the space with whatever floats your writing boat.

ROnald Dahl working

(Ronald Dahl in his writing space)


The final, and most important thing you can put in your space is you. You’ll never know if the space works unless you are consistently in the space and writing. Remember to be flexible. If that wall of pictures is more of a distraction than an inspiration, modify it or take it down completely. It’s up to you and your tastes, but you can’t find out exactly what works until you try.

Whether you end up at the park, library, coffee shop or home, your writing space will help you enjoy writing more and lead a more productive writing life.