The Best Apps for Writers

I am the kind of person who prefers vinyl to iTunes and paper books to e-books. However when it comes to writing, I am a big fan of discovering new inspiration and organization through technology. The App Store has a million and one places for writers to find tools for inspiration, or procrastination. So, to save you what might be hours of avoiding that tough manuscript or to help you break out of that writing slump, I have compiled a list of five of the best writing tools in the app world.

write_or_die_ipad_app   1) Write or Die

This fun program allows you to set positive, negative, or horrifically negative reinforcement levels. You reached your word goal? Here’s a nice picture of adorable puppies. You didn’t make it? A picture of a gigantic spider. You stopped writing during the allotted time? The program starts deleting words until you start writing again. With reinforcements like these, this program will definitely get you writing when the juices just aren’t flowing. If you don’t you will face the consequences.

dragondictationicon1  2) Dragon Dictation

Stuck in traffic and can’t write down your fantastic idea? Hate having to transcribe voice memos? Are your fingers so sore from typing that you need another way to get your story out? Dragon Diction can help! This program listens to the words you say and writes them out for you. Living in the city and dealing with rush hour traffic, I’ve found this incredibly useful for making lists or jotting something down before I forget.

logo  3) Self Control

Like the popular focus tool, Antisocial, Self Control allows you to make a “blacklist” of sites for a set amount of time. If Facebook is your procrastination destination, Self Control will stop you from visiting for as long as you decided when you set the timer. Once you press that button, there’s no going back no matter how much your willpower fades. If you’re a determined procrastinator, you can also make a “whitelist” that includes the only websites you are permitted to visit during the timeframe.  Best part of this tool? It’s free!
inkflow20icon20large1 4) Inkflow

Relatively simplistic in its design, this app allows you to map out anything as you would in a notebook. You can have multiple notebooks of projects and each notebook has up to 20 pages for you to fill (unlimited if you splurge and buy the full version) This app is the amazing outlining tool I have been looking for for ages! Cannot say enough how much I’ve loved this app!
the-brainstormer-4-l-124x124  5) Brainstormer

This app will randomly generate a plot, subject, and setting or style. As far as writing prompt apps go, this one has the best reviews I’ve seen and it’s pretty cheap ($1.99). Whether you want to start a project and don’t know where to go or just need to get the creative juices flowing before finishing that scene, this app will give you countless prompts to work from.
So there they are! My favorite writing apps narrowed down to five. I hope you find inspiration or that missing piece of organization the way I did! Good luck writing and have fun!
Oh! And a few honorable mentions:
1) Hanx Writer – allows you to type on a virtual typewriter on your iPad

2) Moleskine – you can write in the ever famous notebooks virtually and have several project notebooks at once

3) Spice Mobile – this app gives you inspiration from literary greats when you most need it

4) Focus@Will – this app plays music to help boost your concentration

5) Coffitivity – this amazing app plays the noises of a coffee shop for you at home! Great to fill the “too quiet” spaces



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