All Holloway Literary agents adhere to the AAR Canon of Ethics. We do not charge reading or evaluation fees.

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What Our Clients Say


kimberly belle

Kimberly Belle, Best-selling author of domestic suspense, Dear Wife, Park Row/Harlequin/HarperCollins, June 2019

“Nikki has all the ingredients necessary in a good literary agent: the right contacts, a sharp eye for words and story, and a hunger to close the deal. But what sets her apart is her ability to think beyond the book and help shape an author’s long-term career strategy. She’s an advocate, an adviser, and a partner, and I’m lucky to have her on my side.”




Rea Frey, Because You’re Mine, St. Martin’s Press, August 2019

“I would never use another literary agency. Rachel Beck has been the most informed, enthusiastic, and professional champion for my work. As a debut novelist, the odds can be stacked against you. However, from the moment I submitted my work to Holloway, it has been pure professionalism and an exciting ride ever since.

From a short initial query lead time to a full manuscript request, a swift offer of representation, initial edits, and then landing a two-book deal with St. Martin’s Press, Rachel’s editing eye coupled with her knowledge of the book industry has made her an absolute dream to work with. Holloway has the advantage of being a small but mighty team.

The owner of the agency, Nikki Terpilowski also serves as the film rights agent, making Holloway a true one-stop shop for all of your career needs. As a writer at this agency, you’re never ignored. You get personal attention and sound advice surrounding not just your book but your goals as a writer. I am looking forward to a long career with Rachel and the Holloway family.”


Katie Oliver 2Katie Oliver, Best-selling author of Prada And Prejudice 

“Nikki Terpilowski provides excellent representation and long-term career support. She and her team are committed to getting the best deals for their clients.”





Amber-2268019078-1526668696696.jpgAmber Mitchell, War of the Wilted, Entangled Teen, Fall 2018

“Holloway Literary has been an integral part of my road to publication. As a fierce advocate, knowledgeable editor and great supporter, Nikki Terpilowski and the Holloway Literary team have been by my side every step of the way to guide and mold my career, to answer my questions with fast and insightful replies and to help me grow my career as an author.”


patriciajohns.jpgPatricia Johns, The Bishop’s Daughter, Kensington, April 2019

“Rachel is a real go-getter! I signed with her in November, she was sending my manuscript out in December, had offers in January, and by February we were signing a book deal. And her enthusiasm hasn’t waned, either. She’s available for helping me be more strategic in my career. I feel incredibly lucky to be working with her.”


Catherine BrunsCatherine Bruns, Penne Dreadful, Sourcebooks,  July 2019

“I signed with Nikki and Holloway Literary last October. She just brokered a three-book deal for me (in May) with Sourcebooks, something that I have been striving for since I wrote my first book in 2013. 

Nikki’s edits are intense and she makes her clients work hard, but that’s because she believes in your story and wants it to be the best it possibly can. I feel very fortunate to have an agent who will always go the extra mile for me, and hope that our client/agent relationship continues for many years to come.”


Georgina Chapman_Headshot 1

 Georgia Cross, Young adult author

“Since the moment I met my agent, Rachel Beck, at a Chicago writer’s conference, we clicked. I was thrilled when she offered me representation and even more impressed when she provided edits for my manuscript. Rachel is an amazingly talented agent who works tirelessly spending hours going line by line with constructive notes on plot structure, character development, and story arc. She is never afraid to point out a section that needs strengthening or suggesting ideas for a new twist. Her encouragement is endless – and her input is helping me become a stronger writer!”


ericawilliamsErica Williams, Domestic suspense author

“Nikki Terpilowski is my agent.  I am very pleased with her.  She answers and responds to my emails promptly.  She sets expectations, gives feedback and revisions in a timely manner.  She goes above and beyond what is required to ensure the manuscript is ready for pitching. Her keen editorial guidance has been instrumental in my development.  She is personable and expresses a genuine belief in me and my work.  I am lucky to be on her roster. “


Interested in becoming one of Holloway Literary’s writers? Learn more on our submissions guidelines page.




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Film Rights

Holloway Literary’s in-house film rights agents work to develop a custom strategy for each author and every book, taking into account film, television, stage and digital opportunities. Our team regularly travels to Los Angeles to meet directly with producers and developers of filmed entertainment properties, giving us a direct connection to buyers and decision-makers.

Recent Film Deals



  • November 16, 2018 – Film/TV rights to our client, Kimberly Belle’s internationally bestselling novel, The Marriage Lie were sold to ABC Studios. Read the announcement here.
  • September 5, 2018 – Film/TV rights to our internationally bestselling author  Kimberly Belle‘s Three Days Missing were sold to Two Jack Productions, LLC. 
  • June 1, 2018 – Film/TV rights to our client debut author, Rea Frey’s novel, Not Her Daughter, were sold to Argent Pictures. Read the announcement here

Are you a film rights buyer? Request our film rights guide.


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Query Checklist

We’ve created a super-simple checklist that you can use when creating a query for Holloway Literary agents. Review our submissions guidelines first and read our blogs on querying. You’ll see terms like genre, word count and comp titles (among others) that you may or may not be familiar with, so make sure you research these and other important elements of a query – there are tons of resources on the Internet – before you begin using our checklist.  But once you’ve done your research and have the answers you need, grab your pen and check off each item on our list once you’ve incorporated them into your  query.

#QueryTip – If you don’t have the answer for one of our items on the checklist, that probably means you’re not ready to query.

Once you’re done, hit the send button. And congratulate yourself on sending a well-crafted query!

Download our printable #AmQuerying Checklist now!